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Why choose Conflux?




Conflux offers you unprecedented quality and features for an excellent price. With one-time payment and no hidden costs Conflux offers an immediate return value. You can do a test run on Conflux immediately for free by visiting our online demo site. In addition you can download a fully functional 5-user trial version, no strings attached.






All your data - documents, appointments, tasks and e-mails - are securely accessible from anywhere, any time as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. By using Conflux you do not have to worry about not having an overview of your work in the office or anywhere else.




Conflux is like a vault - keeping your documents and personal info safe and opening only to those who have the right key. All data transfers between your computer and the Conflux server are protected with the SSL encryption. All modules are tightly integrated with an advanced security system offering hierarhical access permissions, private objects and group based access management approach.




Easy to use

Conflux is designed from ground up to have a simple layout and to be easy to use. User interface is intuitive and everything is logically placed on your screen. In addition Conflux has a thorough help system and very good documentation.








Conflux was built for speed and stability, to be used in enterprises both small and large. It is  designed from ground up to scale from few users to serveral thousand. The speed of Conflux can be described like the mountan lion rushing after his prey - never slowing down, bursting at godspeed until it reaches it's goal.