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News: 2005


Conflux Professional version 1.4.3 is now available, offering the following fixes:

  • Client view/edit form no longer suffers from performance problems related to a badly formed database query
  • Item shortcut links in the form of /conflux/ are handled correctly again
  • Compatibility problems with e-mail servers that did not like text messages encoded as quoted-printable were resolved
  • 15.11.2005
    Conflux Professional version 1.4.2 is now available, offering the following fixes:

  • Windows package is now provided for the 1.4 series
  • Compatibility problems with Internet Explorer (XmlHttp) and Conflux were resolved
  • Calendar no longer fails to display certain events if timezone was not UTC
  • _Conf.HEADER_SERVERNAME_OVERRIDE is used correctly in generating the overriding server url now
  • E-mail attachments with long filenames can now be opened correctly with Mozilla-based browsers
  • Resource view in Calendar no longer has problems when there are more than 7 resources
  • 25.10.2005
    Conflux Professional version 1.4.1 is now available, offering the following fixes:

  • Compatibility problems with PostgreSQL v7.3 (incl. Red Hat Database found in RHEL3) introduced in v1.4.0 have been solved
  • Errors in the Calendar module (Resouce Usage and weekly repeats) were fixed
  • A few missing translations were fixed
  • The Conflux background daemon now uses /var/tmp/ for creating pid files to avoid problems when /var/ and /tmp/ are located under different mount points
  • The Conflux automatic error notifications now include proper To and Subject fields to avoid getting blacklisted by spamfilters
  • 20.10.2005
    Conflux Professional version 1.4.0 is now available, offering the following improvements:

  • Timezone support now includes Daylight Savings Time
  • Time tracking was added to the Tasks module
  • Discussions module now has a friendlier user interface similar to typical forums
  • Folders can now be locked in the Documents module
  • Events and tasks can now be assigned to people who are not able to see the person adding the event
  • Event owner can be altered when adding or editing an event
  • Clients and opportunities can be imported and exported
  • Custom fields can now also be text areas, checkboxes or dates
  • Passwords are now encrypted with SHA algoritm
  • Conflux background daemon now uses system init scripts under Linux
  • mod_python v3.2 is supported (and usage is encouraged in scenarios where large file uploads occur)
  • Python 2.4 support was added to the downloadable packages
  • and fixes:

  • Superuser can now clear a top-level organization's administrator selection from the ASP module
  • The paste button was not shown when the open folder was empty
  • Global search functions were sped up noticably
  • 23.08.2005
    Conflux Professional version 1.3.2b is now available, offering the following fixes:

  • Performance problems in object view forms related to relations have been fixed
  • Compatibility with various SMTP servers has been improved - outgoing e-mails no longer violate the 1000 characters per line limit defined in RFC-2821
  • Outgoing e-mails that were created based on a draft e-mail now correctly save to the Sent Items folder. Previously, while the e-mails were sent out correctly, an empty message was saved to the folder.
  • 17.06.2005
    Conflux Professional version 1.3.2 is now available, offering the following improvements:

  • Calendar now supports events with new colour-labeled categories
  • Existing documents can be "linked" to other folders
  • IMAPS and POPS servers are supported in the e-mail client
  • An "E-mail selected documents" option was added to the Documents module
  • Multiple e-mails can now be forwarded with one mouse click
  • Support for SMTP servers that require authentication
  • The web-server URL can be overriden in the configuration files to allow a more flexible set-up
  • and fixes:

  • Events that spanned over multiple days were displayed occuring only on one day
  • Deleting attachments from composed e-mails would cause the loss of any changes made to the e-mail contents
  • Resources were not properly propagated to recurring events
  • When adding a calendar group under the same user with a name same as an existing group, a database error was displayed

    Conflux Professional version is now available, offering the following improvements:

  • Bug fixes in the email and calendar modules

    Conflux Professional version is now available, offering the following improvements:

  • Document folders can now be subscribed,  the user will be notified of new documents and version updates in the subscribed folders by e-mail.
  • Serial workflows are now more strict, all tasks have to be completed in the order they were entered.
  • Contact csv import has been improved.
  • New reminder method has been added - popup notification.
  • The user can choose to have e-mails from IMAP servers automatically deleted when the e-mails are deleted from Conflux.
  • Documents uploaded through WebDAV will also trigger e-mail notifications.
  • Multiple bugs were fixed including organization editing, toplevel choices editing and background daemon reminders.

    Conflux Professional version 1.3.1 is now available, offering the following improvements:

  • The e-mail module now supports IMAP folders.
  • Documents, Contacts, Clients and Products modules can now be customized and you can add your own custom fields to these items. You can perform searches on the custom fields and you can also export data to the custom fields.
  • It is now possible to share your e-mail with your co-workers. Each user has an internal "Shared Folder" where he can see all the shared e-mail he has access for.
  • You can now alter individual events in the repeat chain without affecting other repeats in the chain.
  • You can also delete one calendar event from the repeat chain or the whole chain.
  • You can now clone workflows.
  • All listings now contain quick filters section.
  • Tasks have new "Save & Notify" button which saves the changes made in the task information and notifies persons related to the task about the changes.
  • You can now make folder relations. If you relate a folder to a task or a workflow, all persons related to that task or workflow will get an e-mail notification of all new documents or version updates in the related folder. Persons must have "Notify me about changes in related documents and folders by e-mail" checked in order to recieve notifications.

    Conflux Professional version 1.3 is now available, offering the following improvements:

  • Support for Windows 2000 and XP operating systems
  • Added custom right-click menu
  • Date picker popup is replaced with much advanced and faster javascript one (the coolest dhtml calendar)
  • E-mail module now supports iCalendar/vCard attachments, displays them inline and allows saving to Conflux
  • Improved event notifiers, invitees now get notifiers to their e-mail when events get updated or deleted (Only if they have the 'Send me invitations and assignments by e-mail' setting turned on) and event creator gets notifiers of accepted and rejected persons
  • Document tree is now javascript based, so opening and closing nodes does not submit data, thus is faster
  • Discussions and replies can be edited by creator
  • An user can choose whether the contacts are displayed by "FirstName LastName" or "Lastname, Firstname"
  • When you upload a file and file with the same name exists in the destination directory, the file name will be altered to filename-1.ext ... filename-99.ext automatically
  • An user can now be transferred to another organization
  • Added filter "Client type" to clients module
  • Added navigation alphabet bar to clients module
  • Added CSV export/import to products module
  • Added print button to e-mail view form
  • Top-level administrators can now upload a logo for their organization under Admin > My info