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Feature List



  • 100% web based application.
  • Clean and simple HTML based interface.
  • All data transferred between the application and the user is encrypted with 128bit SSL encryption.
  • Support for multiple languages and date formats. Conflux Professional currently comes with built-in support for English, German, Portugese and Estonian languages. Easily extendable with other languages.
  • Native Unicode support.
  • Any object stored in Conflux can be associated with any other object through Conflux relation management.
  • Hierarchical and group based access control.
  • User specific personal settings including language and date format.

Document Management:

  • A secure centralised document repository for all users.
  • Comprehensive search functionality allows to find documents based on the contents of document metadata or the contents.
  • Version management ensures the safe preservation of older document versions.
  • Built-in full text indexing support for Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, HTML and plain text formats, extendable to other formats.
  • Document repository can be used as a local drive in Microsoft Windows with Web Folders and in Linux with Nautilus or Konqueror with the WebDAV feature


  • Shared calendars.
  • Repeated events.
  • Resource management.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendar views for easy overview.
  • Ability to coordinate events with your co-workers.
  • E-mail and SMS reminders.

Tasks and Workflows:

  • Shared tasks.
  • Ability to assign tasks to co-workers.
  • Workflows with automated e-mail notification.
  • Ability to group tasks into serial or parallel workflows.


  • Possibility to manage private and shared contacts and associated information.
  • Mass e-mails to selected groups of contacts.


  • Support for multiple POP3 or IMAP e-mail accounts.
  • Full text indexing of e-mails for quick searches.
  • Integration with the Document Management module:
    • E-mail attachmens can be saved directly into the Documents module or your computer.
    • Attachments for new messages can be selected directly from the Documents module or your computer.
  • Integration with the Contact Management module.
    • Contacts module can be used as an address book.
    • E-mail addresses from recieved messages can be directly saved as contacts.
  • Ability to create personal e-folders.
  • Messages can be marked as high priority, normal priority, read and unread.
  • Built in e-mail spellchecker


  • Central management of client data, contacts and sales opportunities
  • Up-to-date sales results and statistics available all the time