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WebDav allows users to collaboratively edit and manage documents and folders on Conflux servers. This feature is supported both on Windows (Web Folders) and Linux (Konqueror, Nautilus). What it does, is that it creates a virtual web-folder containing all Conflux folders and documents on an users computer. To the user this virtual folder is like an extra hard disc, so he can manage all files and folders as they are in his computer. Additionally he can remotely edit documents.


Conflux WebDav benefits

  • A central document repository for all users to allow efficient collaboration with documents.
  • 128bit SSL data encryption to ensure the safety of transfers.
  • The document repository is accessible from anywhere over the internet.
  • Document versioning keeps track of changes and allows to restore a backup copy if required.
  • Convinient way to manage multiple documents and folders by dragging and droping them.
  • Multiplatform - works with Windows and Linux.