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Conflux provides support for remote administration over the web interface. System administrator can add new organisations and sub-organisations; manage users and administrators. Administration module also allows to manage the access rights between organisations. Organisations are structured hierarchically, i.e. users who have rights to upper level organizations usually have rights to lower level organizations though the automatic propagation of rights. Access to lower levels can be limited if necessary. Administrator can set data quotas per top-level organisation basis.

Conflux records changes made to all objects in its database. This functionality allows System Administrator to revert objects to a specific state in its history. In addition, all deleted items can be recovered by System Administrator.




  • Hierarchical and group-based (ACL) access control.
  • A global superuser and the ability to assign a local superuser for each organization.
  • Users can be disabled and re-enabled without deleting the accounts.
  • User-specific languages and date formats.
  • Customizable classificators for documents, calendar, tasks and contacts.
  • Front-page news management.
  • Setting quotas on top-level organisations
  • Point-in-Time recovery
  • Undelete capability


  • Easy and flexible access management.
  • Customizable classificators allow better control over data management.
  • Powerful data restoring functionality