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Document Management



It is not at all easy to find an important document or price offer among thousands of papers in your archive. The Conflux Document management is a solution to your problems. Files can be uploaded, commented, and organized by companies into folders. Conflux also supports version management to make the storage of older versions of the documents more convenient. Each document can be overwritten with a new version, whereas the old version will remain in the system for later reference. To find a document, you need to do nothing else but type in the keywords to the search form and Conflux will do everything else. In a few moments, the search results are displayed on the user's screen. Conflux Document management search functionality enables you to search from both document metadata as well as file contents.

Document management


  • Documents are accessible from the web.
  • Documents can be described easily and thoroughly.
  • Comprehensive search functionality allows to find documents based on the contents of document metadata or the file contents.
  • Version management ensures the safe preservation of older document versions.
  • Shared document base can be used by the whole organization via the Internet. Access is grouped by the organizations and is limited with passwords.


  • Standardised system for managing documents.
  • Documents are accessible from any place with an Internet connection.
  • Comfortable and effective collaboration using shared documents.