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Tasks and Workflows




Tasks, notes and workflows allow users to effectively organize their many tasks and responsibilities. The tasks module provides a quick overview of your pending tasks. The user can assign tasks both to himself/herself and to other co-workers. A friendly user interface allows to determine the status and priority, due time of a task and people assigned to it. The task automatically records the event if any related person views the task. Assigned users are also able to accept the task, in case of which a respective record is made to the task. Workflows is similar in concept to projects - grouping multiple tasks together. This enables you to get a much better overview of a specific project and its progress. Tasks can be organized in serial or parallel order and e-mail notifications about the progress of the project can be sent to participants accordingly.


Tasks, Notes and Workflows


  • Quick overview of the progress of pending tasks and projects.
  • Ability to assign tasks to co-workers.
  • E-mail notifications of users responsibilities.
  • Ability to accept/reject tasks assigned to you.


  • Effective time management helps to conserve time and money.
  • Real-time overview of the enterprise workflows.
  • Action based expenditure calculation.