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Shared calendars, resource planning and management - this is Conflux time management functionality. User can see his/her agenda in a convenient calendar, which allows daily, weekly as well as monthly views. What is even better, even the co-workers are able to check, if necessary, whether the user is available to join a planned meeting or not. Of course, any event can be marked as private, in which case other people cannot see it. You can create events with multiple participants in which case Conflux sends notifications to the invitees about the event.




  • Personal time and group events planning leads to effective enterprise time management.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendar views make time planning easy and comfortable.
  • Shared time search for quick overview of the workers' schedules and for finding available time spots for future events.
  • Ability to invite co-workers to events.
  • Shared resources management for planning the use of appliances, vehicles etc.
  • E-mail reminders of the events.
  • Ability to accept/reject events, to check whether related people have seen, accepted or rejected the invitation.


  • Effective time management helps to conserve time and money.
  • More effective exploitation of the resources.
  • Action based expenditure calculation.