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The contact database is a convenient way of recording and searching the data of clients and any related people. You no longer need to skim through your notebooks and read tens and tens of notes on your table, if you need to find a telephone number. You just need to type a few keywords or the name of the client in the contact search form and this result is quickly displayed on your screen. Conflux emphasises the concept of sharing knowledge thus contacts are commonly also visible to your collegues. However, sharing is not enforced on you as you can also mark your contacts as private, visible only to you. Contact database is commonly used as an address book as well, you can conviniently select your e-mail recipients from your contact list.




  • Possibility to manage private and company contacts and associated information.
  • Ability to search contacts with many different methods.
  • Tight integration with the e-mail module.
  • Ability to send newsletters and such to your clients through the use of mass-emails feature.
  • You can keep your contact history by attaching notes to the contact.



  • Shared contacts allow more effective enterprise contact management.
  • Saving costs in enterprise communication.
  • Better motivation through teamwork.