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In order to offer the entire functionality of office work, Conflux has a convenient e-mail client, which supports all major e-mail servers (POP3 and IMAP). The user can create an unlimited number of email accounts as sources of new mail. Conflux supports common e-mail client functionality - view, reply, forward, and search. New e-mails can be composed in plain and rich text format. Conflux also provides an online spell checker for composed e-mails. The user can sort his/her mail into different folders, which can be freely added or deleted. Outgoing mails are appended with a signatures changeable by the user.



  • Possibility to read your mail and send messages from any computer that has an Internet connection, which is particularly useful during travel or working at home.
  • Multiple accounts support.
  • Tight integration with the contacts module.
  • HTML e-mails support.
  • E-mail spell checker.
  • Attachments can be directly saved to Document Management.
  • Ability to add an attachment from the Document Management or local computer.
  • Customized e-mail folders support.


  • Send/receive your email from anywhere on the Internet.
  • Storing all mails in one place allows you to find your information quickly and painlessly.
  • Saving costs in enterprise communication.